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protect the safety and security of your organization

Golgotha Security is owned and operated by seasoned security professionals with advanced training and certifications, and over 40 years combined experience in the industry.

Our Senior Management team are security experts with backgrounds in law enforcement, incident command, emergency response, first aid / CPR, criminal & civil investigations, asset protection, and property management. They also have specialized training and experience working in direct cooperation with local, state and federal law enforcement.

We offer complimentary evaluation and consultation, and with our knowledge we can work with you to create and implement the most beneficial, appropriate, and cost-effective plan to meet your specific security needs.

Our skilled guards are certified and trained to safeguard our client and their property while observing the highest industry standards and legal guidelines.

We are devoted to building long-lasting partnerships with each of our clients by providing exceptional service, value, and peace of mind.

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level one


  1. School Security
  2. Retail asset protection
  3. Security for special events
  4. Vehicle, bicycle and foot patrols
  5. Security for estate and commercial property

level two


  1. Level One +
  2. Guarded escorts
  3. Personal protection

level three

custom advanced surveillance & protection

  1. Level Two +
  2. Incident Command System Response
  3. Special security evaluation and strategies
  4. Security and emergency response assessment and multi-hazard planning.



  1. Off-duty armed plainclothes police officers upon request
  2. Emergency evacuation and response preparedness client training upon request
  3. Guard training and application processing
  4. Firearm training and permit application processing

Guard Training

In the state of California every guard is expected to go through a limited amount of training within the first year of license registration. This training is designed to help the guard understand the security guard's role, responsibilities and limitations. Additional training is also offered such as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Communications, Liability and Public Relations. Accompanying this mandated training, our guards will receive additional training on but not limited to Arrest / Search and Seizure, Emergency Response / Evacuation, Incident Command, and Officer Safety. At Golgotha Security we believe that true success is attained by continuous training and development. It is our endeavor to revolutionize the role of the security guard from a reactive, behind-the-scene character, to a diligent leader and conduit to safety given any emergency situation.

Golgotha Security, Inc. Guard Training

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